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3 Ways to Build Brand Trust

Why do you need to build brand trust?

Reputation is everything in business. But what if you are a startup or small business without a solid reputation? It can be difficult to know where to start. You might offer the best product out there but if people are not inclined to do business with you because they don’t know you, you won’t generate sales. Consumers want to know they can trust the brands they are dealing with. Therefore, you need to produce a mix of content. Some, as you would expect, should be focused on your products and services. However, some of your content must be about what your brand stands for.

Here are 3 great ways to build brand trust with video and create the positive reputation you need:

Step 1: Our Story videos

Every brand has a story. It might be a story about why the brand started or how it has evolved over time. It might even be a story about the mission and values that inform the culture of the business. These stories are a part of what makes your brand unique. Most importantly, these stories are content that resonates with consumers. As such, they should be a focal point of your online presence. Producing an Our Story video will humanise your brand and create clarity about what you stand for. Your story may be heartwarming, funny, exciting or result in an entirely different emotional impact. As long as it is authentic and told well, it will strike a chord with your ideal customer. This will allow you to shift consumer perception of your business from a faceless entity into a brand they can connect with authentically.

Step 2: Video Business Cards

If your brand is serviced-based, a video business card is a must. Video business cards offer everything standard business cards offer but also include video footage where you address potential customers. This allows you to demonstrate your skills, experience/expertise and personality. You can even include a great call-to-action. By putting a face to the name, you instantly become more recognizable and personable. However, the real benefit of video business cards is seeing you in action. Your audience will have a better sense of what you are like as a person. This makes it easier to persuade consumers that you are the right fit for them. Another benefit of video business cards is that they can exist online (in email signatures, on your website, on social media etc.). This allows them to be easily shared and accessed as a 24/7 marketing tool for your brand.

Step 3: Testimonial Videos

Developing your own content to inform consumers about your brand is clearly important. Yet strong brand trust is only truly generated when it is accompanied by support from others. Consumers are increasingly savvy and expect a positive presence from brands. However, they need to see this is supported by others’ opinions to make a firm decision on whether to fully trust you. Having valued clients or brand advocates provide a filmed testimonial is a great way to achieve this. Testimonial videos also offer the benefit of increasing the authenticity of the testimonial provided. This is because they eliminate the skepticism sometimes attached to written testimonials. The enthusiasm your clients have your brand can also be more fully captured on video. This makes their testimonial far more engaging and persuasive than standard testimonials.

Get started!

By creating these 3 types of videos, you can build brand trust and the positive reputation needed to grow your business. A great strength of these types of videos is that they are typically evergreen content. This means they can be used for a long time, making the potential return on investment much greater than short-term content.

Did we miss any other ways video can be used to build brand trust? Let us know in the comments below!

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