Get results with a VIDEO BUSINESS CARD 

What is a Video Business Card?


A Video Business Card (VBC) is a 2-minute video marketing asset that captures the fundamentals of your business and condenses them into an easily digestible piece of video content. It allows the viewer to understand and be completely engaged by who you are as a business and how you can make their lives better.


Your VBC does this by showcasing your products, services, culture, drive, goals, and authority - ultimately building trust, leading to responsive prospects and leads.


What a Video Business Card does for your business

Introduces your business to new clients
Showcases your products and services
Builds trust
Educates your audience
Generates leads

Why a Video Business Card?

Professional video storytelling has never been more important than it is now. There's no question you should be producing your own video content for social media constantly, and for some businesses using your mobile phone is sufficient for this. 


However, when it comes to your flagship video asset for your business, a professionally made product is a must.


A digital marketing asset like a Video Business Card allows you to stand out above your competitors in quality, engagement and efficiently.

The stats don't lie


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Insivia)


Videos attach 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads.


Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%.
(Conversion XL)


85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.


97% of marketers say video has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services.

How do we make it?

When we make a Video Business Card for your business, we begin by conducting an on-screen interview asking you (or a representative) a series of questions.


These questions are custom designed to best capture the essence of your business and create the narrative backbone of your VBC.


We then capture ‘overlay footage’ (or B-roll footage) of your business in action and edit this together to create a powerful sales tool that uses logic and emotion to engage your audience.

This is how we break down a VBC

Part 1: The Who (Logic)

In the opening of your VBC, we let the audience know whom they're listening to and building a relationship with. 


Example: Hi, I'm Sarah & I'm the founder of Melbourne Chiropractic.


Part 2: The Why (Emotion)

Arguably the most important part of the VBC is the purpose. When an audience connects with your "WHY", they will be naturally committed to being a part of your journey. 


Example: When I was a kid, my mother spent the second half of her life in a bed - which not only made her miss my whole life growing up but life altogether. When I came across chiropractic I learned that the body is much more powerful than we think .. and if we could only keep our bodies in alignment and moving, then no one would end up like my mum. So now I've dedicated myself to the alignment and health of others using the healing powers of adjustments and nutritional health. 


Part 3: The What (Logic)

Here we give your audience a very straight forward, no-sugar-coated look at what your company offers. This explains how you achieve the 'WHY' of your business. It's great to get someone to care, but if the company doesn't look and feel legit, then natural skepticism forms. The WHAT is designed to alleviate the logical mind from questioning the legitimacy of a company.


Example: For over 10 years, Melbourne Chiropractic has offered chiropractic care and movement plans to families in Melbourne, Victoria. Our services include injury management, rehabilitation and preventative care. 


Part 4: The How (Emotion)

Here we show the audience what makes your company different. Even though the audience has built a connection with your company and knows what you do, that doesn't mean they're not still willing to look elsewhere for a better offer. This section is designed to showcase the philosophies, processes AND/OR unique personalities that make your company THE company for them to do business with.


Example: At Melbourne Chiropractic, we understand that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, so instead of putting you on medication or making you dramatically change your lifestyle, we focus on the electrical system of the body (called the nervous system) that when firing off right, will activate and accelerate your bodies ability to self regulate its sicknesses and diseases. 


Part 5: The Call To Action (CTA)

It's one thing for a lead to understand your business and another for them to take the next step towards becoming a customer. All of our VBCs end with a direct invitation to the audience to join with the company and begin their journey towards the desired result. 


Example: So if you're someone who feels like you're operating at 50% potential and wants to accelerate or maybe you're already living and loving your life and just wants to stay at the cutting edge of your own health, then I invite you to contact us to receive a free exam here at our office in Melbourne. 

A Video Business Card works best in the following locations

Social Media
In-House / Trade Shows
Paid Advertising

What's included in a VBC

- Pre-production (meetings/planning etc.)

- Up to 4 hours filming at your site

- 2-person film crew

- Interview coaching / directing

- Cameras / Lights / Audio

- Complete edit

- Music / On-screen text / Colour grade

- HD video delivery ready for online use

- Up to 2-minute final video

- FREE Stock images

- FREE Stock video footage

- UNLIMITED Edit changes

Some of our videos

  • video marketing testimonial


    CEO / Founder

    When I needed some editing done for a suite of videos, someone in my network referred me to Final Focus. To get straight to it, the price, responsiveness and final product were on point and comparable to the quality produced in my previous life (with a much larger budget).


    Would recommend to any growing business who need an excellent video product.

  • Video marketing testimonial


    Freddy Pants - Marketing Manager AUS

    Final Focus knew what we needed to achieve for a strong social media video.


    Editing was super fast and they were happy to make changes and give their professional opinions… highly recommended.

  • video marketing testimonial


    Shoppingtown Hotel

    Final Focus had excellent insight into what our business wants to promote and how to get our message across in a short 30 sec video.

    The ROI has been fantastic. We will definitely be continuing to deal with Final Focus for all future video concepts.  

  • video marketing testimonial


    CEO / Founder

    I commissioned Final Focus to create a real estate property video with a difference and boy did they deliver.

    All staff were professional throughout the entire process and delivered an amazing product on time and within the specified budget.

    It was clear from the outset they were experts in their field and I look forward to using them on future projects.

  • video marketing testimonial


    Berwick Mazda - Marketing Manager

    The quality of work was fantastic, and the day of production created no dramas or disruptions to our business. The guys have an eye for detail and they truly captured what we do and achieved this in an 18 second video!

    We look forward to working with Final Focus again. Thank you for your help!

  • video marketing testimonial


    Founder - CEO

    The team at Final Focus were fantastic to work with.


    The video they produced was highly effective in connecting our product with our audience.

VBC Add-ons

Hair and Make-Up
Professional Voice Over
Actors / Models
Visual Effects
Location Sourcing
30 Sec Commercial Cutdown
Social Edits (10/15 sec)
Green Screen

VBC Packages




Half day filming

Interview coaching

Cameras / Lights / Audio

Complete edit

 Music / Text / Colour grade

2 minute HD final video

FREE Stock images

FREE Stock video footage

UNLIMITED Edit changes






Half day filming

Interview coaching

Cameras / Lights / Audio

Complete edit

 Music / Text / Colour grade

2 minute HD final video

FREE Stock images

FREE Stock video footage

UNLIMITED Edit changes


30 + 60 sec 

Commercials with CTAs

Behind the scenes photos and videos of the film shoot






Full day filming

Interview coaching

Cameras / Lights / Audio

Complete edit

 Music / Text / Colour grade

2 minute HD final video

FREE Stock images

FREE Stock video footage

UNLIMITED Edit changes


30 + 60 sec

commercial with CTA

10 + 15 sec

social snapshot video

Behind the scenes photos and video of the film shoot

Staff and team photography

(up to 10 persons)

10 x 60-sec single-shot videos

(staff intros/educational/ FAQs/tips & tricks)

25 x 10-sec text quote videos

Website/Facebook video banner


Please note that prices are not inclusive of GST. Additional costs may be incurred for travel expenses or variations to the packages.


We are so confident you will be satisfied with our videos that we offer something very few other video production agencies do - UNLIMITED EDIT CHANGES. That's right, we won't stop working and crafting your videos until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. 


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