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Celebrating 150 years with Ritchies Supermarkets

The future generation of Ritchies standing proud

This year, Ritchies Supa IGA are celebrating 150 years in business.

Founded by Thomas Ritchie in 1870 on the Mornington Peninsula, Ritchies has grown to be one of Australia’s leading and most successful independent supermarket chains.

In recognition of this significant year, Ritchies has launched a campaign giving Australians an insight into how their supermarket came to be.

Through a brand new commercial due to hit television and cinema screens in February, audiences will learn how a young Thomas Ritchie survived the Isabella Watson shipwreck off Corsair Rock in Victoria and came to build one of the country’s best-loved supermarkets.

The commercial was produced by Final Focus Video Creative, directed by Don Percy and backed by Media Projects.

Thomas Ritchie survives the Isabella Watson shipwreck
Thomas Ritchie survives the Isabella Watson Shipwreck

Director Don Percy states, “Given a brief to celebrate Ritchies 150th year, we first set out to avoid a concept that might typically use vintage photographs and artwork. Instead, we designed a spot that gives life to Ritchies history by telling it through children as a celebratory musical stage production, knowing that we could present the subject matter as an entertaining, colourful and engaging account that is hopefully welcome of multiple viewings.”

Creative Director of Final Focus, Stuart Stanton, explains, “In learning the history of Ritchies, right from founder Thomas Ritchie through to its current CEO Fred Harrison, the thing that stood out for me was their emphasis on supporting and growing the local community. It was important for us to try and capture that essence in the commercial, as well as honor those contributions.”

Besides being a significant date for Ritchies, 2020 also marks the year in which the company celebrates the donation of more than 50 million dollars to local clubs, schools and charities through their Community Benefit program.

Stanton adds, “The commercial was truly a result of the Mornington Peninsula community coming together to tell this story. We filmed the stage work at Pearcedale Public Hall and worked with local theatre groups to source talent. Many of the production team are Mornington Peninsula born and bred, and the audience you see in the final shots are locals too. I like to think that we have honoured Thomas Ritchie’s legacy by having the community he worked so hard within come together and tell his story 150 years later.”

To learn more about the history of Ritchies, please visit:

Check out the Commercial below:

Production Company: Final Focus Video Creative

Agency: Media Projects Pty Ltd

Director: Donald Percy

Producers: Stuart Stanton, Karen Elgar

Art Director: Kristian Hoernlein

DP: Joel Frances

Editors: Stuart Stanton, Donald Mark Percy

1st AD: Andy Johnston

1st AC: Trent Marnell

Sound: Pat Rath

Key Grip: Brian Walker

Gaffer: Riley Longworth

Green Screen Gaffer: Andrew Lock

Head MUA: Chelsea Sheppard

Wardrobe: Jessika Douglas

PA: James Di-Michele

BTS: Sterling Tatu

Adult Cast: Rebecca Fortuna, Jacob Fyfe, Gamya Wijayadasa

Music: AdAudio

Locations: Pearcedale Public Hall, HitMaker Studios

Special thanks: Centrestage Agency, CLOC Musical Theatre, Red Theatricals, Peninsula Performing Arts, Billy Lids Theatre Company

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