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The Top 10 Video Experts you should be following in 2017

Video marketing is rapidly evolving. From advancements in video production equipment through to improved video distribution targeting and analytics, staying on top of the trends can be difficult. However, knowing where to source good quality information solves half the battle. By incorporating these sources into your daily social feed, you can easily begin to adopt the latest trends and enhance your efforts. Here are the top 10 video experts we recommend following to improve your video marketing game in 2017:

  1. Mark Robertson, YouTube certified video marketing expert and founder of Tubular Insights – Mark Robertson is synonymous with Tubular Insights (formerly Reel SEO), a long-running and well-respected source of industry information. If you are looking for data-driven insights on online video and video SEO, Mark is your man.

  2. Gary Vaynerchuk, marketing expert and co-founder of VaynerMedia – There is no doubt Gary knows how to nail video when it comes to marketing his brand. From his #DailyVee thoughts to his #AskGaryVee show, Gary constantly demonstrates how brands can implement regular and engaging video content in their marketing schedule. If you want to learn by watching someone excelling at video content strategy, Gary is a great example.

  3. Krishna De, video strategist and host of Live Stream Insiders – Krishna is an expert in digital marketing as a whole, but her insights and advice on using live video are particularly valuable for up-and-coming video marketers. Krishna’s broad online marketing expertise means she can be found on nearly every major social platform, so there is no excuse for not connecting with her!

  4. James Wedmore, video strategist and founder of Video Traffic Academy – James excels at providing easy-to-follow advice for those beginning to develop their video marketing strategy. If you are a business owner looking for guidance on how to execute a successful video campaign for minimal time and money, James offers some great training resources.

  5. Lou Bortone, online branding specialist and video marketing expert – If you are looking for help more on the production side of things, Lou Bortone’s blog contains a fantastic range of articles to help you improve your videos. He also offers coaching and online training if you are ready to commit to more comprehensive learning.

  6. David Murdico, thought leader and executive creative director at Supercool Creative Agency – David offers a wealth of super informative articles via Supercool Creative, one of the top US Digital Agencies. His work with a number of leading brands has given him lots of insight into video marketing strategy, so you know you are benefiting from someone who genuinely walks the talk!

  7. Joel Comm, leading author on internet marketing and CEO of InfoMedia – Always engaging and authentic, Joel is a prolific publisher of great video marketing resources. His breakdowns of tough topics are easy to follow and he is considered one of the thought leaders on the topic of live video. Being an expert on online marketing, you will also find him on most social platforms.

  8. Philip Bloom, prominent filmmaker and visual educator – Philip Bloom’s name may be more prominent in the film-making industry than the video marketing industry, but the resources on his blog are guaranteed to take your efforts to the next level. Offering a range of educational resources, including reviews of the latest production equipment on the market, Philip will equip you with the know-how to get the best production value out of every project.

  9. Greg Jarboe, YouTube Guru and co-founder of SEO-PR – Author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day and digital marketing instructor at Rutgers, Greg has long been an influential voice in the video marketing industry. If you are looking for data driven insights into boosting your brand online, Greg has a wealth of tried and tested advice.

  10. Benji Travis & Sean Cannell, co-creators of Video Influencers – Both Benji and Sean come from impressive backgrounds that establish their expertise in YouTube and online video. Together they run Video Influencers, a popular site designed to help others build a following through video. Their interviews with top YouTubers and video creators provide a wealth of good advice, covering everything from tech tips to distribution strategy.

Following these top 10 video experts will help you refine your strategy and make the most of the video marketing opportunities available for your brand. While not an exhaustive list, each of these influencers has something unique to offer and will help round out your knowledge on the topic of video marketing.

What do you think – did we miss anyone? Let us know below!

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