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Video Marketing. I have my video... now what?

The video production process can be seen as quite mystifying. Today we sit down with Karen Elgar, our Senior Producer, to take us through the final stage: video marketing.

What is the video marketing stage all about?

The video marketing stage is where we work to ensure your video gets the results you want. It’s really unfortunate but many video production companies don’t even consider this stage to be an important part of the process: once the video is completed, they consider the job done. That seems ludicrous to me – why put so much time, effort and money into crafting a beautiful product if you are not going to use it effectively?

At Final Focus, we help our clients with several key aspects of video marketing to connect with their target audiences. The first is selecting the right platforms for the video, thinking about where the target audience is likely to be and distributing the video accordingly. The second aspect we can assist with is optimizing the use of videos on each platform for the best user experience. The final aspect of video marketing that we focus on is tracking the success of each campaign and implementing change based on our findings.

Talk me through the video distribution phase.

The video distribution stage is a systematic analysis of where to use the completed video. It involves a breakdown of the target market and the platforms they are most likely to engage with. One of the key advantages of video is that it can be readily incorporated into many different platforms, with little to no adjustment. This increases the value for money benefit of video, considering a single video made for the company website can also likely be used on social media channels, in email marketing, at events and so on.

It’s quite an exciting time for video distribution, given the rise of social media advertising tools. If our client decides, for example, to opt for a paid campaign on Facebook, we can get very specific about which Facebook users are targeted. Again, I see this as another value for money benefit, given the CTR and conversion rates will be much higher than a more generic online campaign.

What about video optimization?

There are two key aspects to video optimization that we focus on. The first is ensuring that the quality of the video is maintained when using it on different platforms. The second is implementing the right titles, captions, descriptions, tags and so on to make sure the target audience is likely to find and watch the video. A few small technical tweaks can make a huge difference in ensuring the video quality is maintained and that the video is likely to be found online. Since many businesses use video for SEO purposes, this is crucial.

How do analytics impact a video marketing campaign?

Understanding how to collect, read and use marketing data is such a crucial step in refining the campaign and implementing future marketing endeavours. Depending on the video platform, there are a number of statistics we can track and analyse to determine what is working and what could work better. This process can take a bit of time but it is worth it when you have a great video product that will benefit your business. There is also often a flow-on effect for other content marketing used by the business, making it a really comprehensive campaign.

Probably the best part of my job is hearing the success stories from our clients about the impact of their video on their business. It’s an incredibly powerful medium and it is genuinely exciting to be able to help people make the best use of it.

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Have any questions about the video marketing process? Post them below.

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